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Nepal Medical Tourism Organization (NEMTO) is truly an unbiased, Non- Profit Organization influenced only by the will and intent of its members. It is the first non-profit organization with aiming of medical tourism development in Nepal. It is an independent, non-profit and government recognized organization to develop and organize medical tourism and assist to implement the quality healthcare practice to the healthcare service provider in Nepal.


  • To raise awareness of the high level of quality healthcare available in Nepal.
  • To promote the positive and sustainable growth of the Medical Tourism in Nepal.
  • To provide an unbiased source of information for patients, insurance companies and employers about top hospitals, doctors, their quality of care and outcomes.
  • To promote hospitals, doctors, healthcare providers and medical tourism facilitators.
  • Get connected with all National and International medical Associations in Nepal and abroad.
  • To promote and provide a forum for communication and to increase connectivity between patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies.
  • To educate patients, insurance companies, agents, brokers, consultants and physicians from around the world about the scope of the medical tourism industry and the globalization of healthcare.
  • Collaborate with doctors, healthcare providers, and international healthcare organization for technology sharing, training, conferences, CME, Education, Fellowship and manpower exchange program.
  • Implement the quality management tools, compliances, certification and in the healthcare industry to enhance the quality and trustable healthcare services to attract the foreign patients.
  • Coordination with the government, non-governmental organization, donor and healthcare providers to organize the healthcare awareness programs in Nepal.
  • Design, develop and operation the world-class boutique hospital network in Nepal.


Explore Productive Chamber of Commerce (EPCC) has been established to promote the business firms, manufacturer, small medium enterprises (SME) & corporate who want to explore their products, services, and investments globally.

EPCC has been successfully operated in the followings countries;

Canada: Corporation No. 1148028-6, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) No. 785053075RC0001 in the name of EPCC Global Inc. incorporated under the Canada Business Corporation Act, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Australia: Registration No. 267789 in the name of EPCC Global Pty. Ltd. incorporated under the Australian Business Corporation Act, Govt. of Australia.

Nepal: Registration No. 167935/73/074 in the name of Explore Productive Chamber of Commerce incorporated under the Company Act 2006, Ministry of Industry, Govt. of Nepal.

EPCC is the first Private Sector Chamber of Commerce established to facilitate international trade promotion, professional management training, value chain development and global franchising business modules to the SME and Corporate.

To achieve the goal, EPCC focusing for International Collaboration with Govt., and Private Organizations, organizing the International Conferences, Exhibitions, Events, B2B Meetings, Business Presentations, Workshops, and offering Membership to the corporate world.

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An Indian Healthcare management company based in Noida.